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Thief of Dreams

Stevan V. Nikolic was born in Belgrade, Serbia in 1958 and moved to New York, USA in 1987. He began his literary career as a poet before turning to non-fiction and fiction. As a writer, he spent last fifteen years studying various forms of esoteric spirituality. Mr. Nikolic is the author of ten books: Royal Art (2006), The Peace of the Rose (2007) The Purpose of Freemasonry (2008), Freemasonry in Serbia (2011), On the Square– Decoding Freemasonry (2013) , Spiritual Guide to the Secret of Birth - a four books series on Astrology, Alchemy, Kabbalah, and Ancient Mysteries in Serbian language (2010/2011), and a novel Weekend in Faro (2014). To learn more about Stevan V. Nikolic visit:: www.stevanvnikolic.info http://stevanvnikolic.blogspot.com www.facebook.com/stevanvnikolic www.istinagroup.us www.verbumbonum.org